“Percy Jackson & the Olympians” is a Great Movie and You’ll Love It

Not everything that is touched by Tinseltown, turns into a golden box office hit. In our times, we’ve seen beautiful adaptations of fantasy story books — Lord of the Rings, always being on top of them, and it still proves one point – a solid plot is always crucial to a movie’s success. c So what’s it gonna be for “Percy Jackson & the Olympians”? I’ll give you a clue, the movie went on smoothly for 2 hours and by the end of it, I was still expecting more of it. Although, the flick was engaging but it doesn’t mean that there were no loopholes, no lose ends and no weak moments.

There were some scenes that made me smirk at the sense of ridiculousness. For instance, if the Greek Gods and Goddesses were so powerful, why would Sean Bean lose his all time famous lightning bolt, in the first few minutes?

Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) discovers that a Pen can be used as a lethal weapon and from this moment onwards, the movie starts rolling into a semi solid shape. All hell breaks loose; Percy teams up with his old time buddy – Satyr Grover (Brandon T. Jackson) and the drop dead gorgeous/cute demigod – Annabeth (Alexandra Dadario), who is mainly considered to be the most intelligent individual in this trio.

Speaking of Trio, two guys and a girl?… Doesn’t that remind you of Harry Potter series? Just like Harry, Percy had to take his friends to a Hogwarts equivalent to hone their special abilities, in the middle of a nowhere forest.

“Percy Jackson & the Olympians” is an entry level movie in the world of Greek Mythology, and we get to learn facts like why Percy is so important throughout the movie. Sure, he’s a little mommy’s boy who takes a cross country trip, in order to catch the person who stole the lightning bolt in the first place. He has 14 days as the deadline; otherwise, his mom would be a “head” shorter.

The fun part that adds up to the flare of this movie is the involvement of famous actors and actresses like; Pierce Brosnan and Uma Thurman, both of them — spruced up through state of the art 3D graphics and their strange mythical roles. A sequel has already been announced for this film and we are bound to see these little kids hamming their way across muggles…. I meant Humans, to determine the fate of mankind.

I think, “Percy Jackson & the Olympians” is a great movie and you’ll love it, but what’s more important, is the surprising scene that is at the end of the credits sequence. Do watch this movie, love it, hate it or add it to your collection – it’s definitely worth it all.

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