”The A-Team” – Senseless Violence, Grandmother Punching and Puppy Kicking Sessions

Finally, after a week of rotten movies, I got a chance to see a re-incarnated version of history’s cheesiest action series. Yes folks, this week’s movie is none other than “The A-Team” and it certainly doesn’t have 2 hours of senseless violence, grandmother punching and puppy kicking sessions.

I consider myself to be lucky, like millions of people out there, who grew up in a time when “The A-Team” used to be broadcasted as a TV Series. Every time, I turned on the TV, the show just knew how to put the pedal to the metal and no matter what happened, the series never collapsed under its own weight.

Anyways, years just flew by and we saw an age of re-incarnated movies, most of them were just downright horrible and to be honest, I went to the cinema, carrying the same expectations from “The A-Team”. But it turned out that Director Joe Carnahan did a tremendous job that delivers cheesy lines, pitchy jokes and a simple but thrilling content that captivates the audience through and through.

The credit sequence was rather boring, but the movie kicked off at the scenic Mexican landscape, where the team of our favorite Army Rangers came together. Leader John Smith, B.A. Baracus, James Murdock and Templeton Peck, embarked on long mission that made them go through a jail break, mad car chase sequences, unlimited bullet casings and tons of explosions.

“The A-Team” does have its nicks and flaws but we all know, it’s not that easy to create a perfect movie. Half the time, directors just cast a no brainer crew with a weak story line to support it and in days like these, consider “The A-Team” as a marvelous gift, which is somehow worth your hard earned cash.

The movie is a little ridiculous but those silly moments are covered up through Jessica Biel, who, I think was casted to support the weak cast. Other than her, it isn’t that bad to watch this movie with a bunch of friends and you won’t feel sorry by the end of it. After all, more than half of the audience watched it because of their love for the TV series. Besides, people are still in the same mindset that made them watch the original series, in the first place.

I’d give a 3.5/5 rating to “The A-Team” – but feel free to deduct your own opinions about the flick. As long as its your money, you have the right to; either take your girl to one of these “fun” movies as an excuse to snog her for 2 hours, or perhaps you can actually enjoy the show, just for the sake of kicks and laughs…

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