Some Remarkable Lines on “The Wolfman”

Alright folks, when there’s a movie by the name of “The Wolfman”, our expectations are quite limited but at least on the bright side, you can expect actors like; Benecio Del Toro, pulling the hair out of those thrilling foggy streets, and some remarkable lines from legends like; Anthony Hopkins.

History has seen those moments when Hopkins used to revise a script for over 300 times, but “The Wolfman” doesn’t show such evidence. Maybe because of the fact that the movie was poorly written, Hopkins is just seen, ranting on-screen as if he’s going through some sort of screen-test. And its obvious in some scenic moments, where he has to talk face-to-face with Del Toro.

But lemme say that I am huge fan of Horror movies and I am 26-year old, so my review is not biased by age. That being said, I am more of a classic horror movies fan and “Evil Dead” series is still on top of my list. Mainly because of the reason that back then, legends like “Sam Raimi” didn’t have the facility of availing special effects — the kind of cool gimmicks that are available nowadays. In that golden age of movies, directors had to make the most out of whatever they could and still they managed to create masterpieces.

Hence it brings me to the current scenario, where movies are mostly about 3D scopic view and ultra cool graphics. “The Wolfman” is one such flick, and although, actors were supposed to focus on dialogues and performance, but somehow their acting skills got overshadowed by those tweaky graphics.

One another Flaw in “The Wolfman” is the limited appearance of “Maleva”, the old gypsy woman from the original series. It doesn’t mean that her acting was kinda lame but she could have had more scenes and moments to her credit and it really ticks me off.

Lastly, if I have to judge the movie in terms of graphics, I’d give it a 3 out of 5 rating and I have a fair reason for that. Since the main highlight of “The Wolfman” was the werewolf himself and it automatically pushes us to expect high end details that include; richly textured hair fibers, glistening under the moonlight, saliva sticking out of those jaws and all that cool stuff, but in vain…

On the contrary, those werewolves in “The Wolfman” only got closest to looking like some sort of retarded dogs with funny and incredibly stupid facial expressions and stubby fingers. If you compare the werewolf from “The Wolfman”, to the one in “Van Helsing” you’ll automatically realize that the latter version was far better and superior.

But oh well, we cant really put the blame on screenwriters or cinematographers, as 50% of the times, those cool effects are the work of special effects artists who work on these movies. Maybe “Van Helsing” had a better team of graphic designers as compared to the one in “The Wolfman”, so seeing a retarded werewolf makes a little sense and seems a lot funnier, rather than being scary.

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