“Buddy” Cop Action/Comedy Movie – “Cop Out”

This week is all about reviewing a “buddy” cop action/comedy movie – Cop Out. I have to admit, I watched this flick after getting done with “Shutter Island” so my attention was diverted somewhere else. But on the bright side, for a movie like “Cop Out”, you don’t need a lot of concentration. And I figured this out in the first 5 minutes after clicking the “Play” button (which I regret now).

So what would you expect from a “buddy” cop movie? It’s a story about two guys, serving and protecting our nation in the guise of cop uniforms. Tracy Morgan gave a classic performance through his typical off-kilter notes but most of the time; his work fell flat in an awkward silence.

On the other hand, we had Bruce Willis, a hard boiled cop who’s a little soft on the inside. But despite of his disinterested look, I was compelled to expect a one liner from him throughout the movie. Imagine Bruce Willis suddenly turning around during the “climax” scene, and coming up with a cheesy down-to -earth statement;

* “Ummm, Sorry folks, I hate to interrupt in the middle of this built-up “climax” scene, but I gotta take a flight to catch up with another movie that I am filming”… Toodles ya’all…”

This is exactly, why I wouldn’t call “Cop Out” as a perfect combination of friendship and “Buddy Cop” flick and even if we did expect something like that, we’d want to see some aspects of that “buddy” thingy on screen. To be honest, Brucie and Tracy didn’t have any on-screen chemistry; they were just there, going through their roles and getting paid for that.

Oh, did I forget to narrate the story to you guys? Awww, so sorry for that but it’s your average cop movie story. Here’s the short version of it – Brice Willis and Tracy Morgan are two friends and NYPD Detectives. Things were going fine, until one fine morning, Jimmie’s (Bruce Willis) prized baseball card got stolen in front of his eyes during a robbery. Apparently, Jimmie needed the card to pay for his daughter’s wedding expenses so he sets off on the search for the criminal.

In summation, I would recommend this movie to those guys who happen to be on a train, or in the middle of a flight, when they’ve nothing else to do, and there are not a lot of options available. You just need to sit back, relax and shut your brain off for a while, as “Cop Out” lightly spins across the reel, all the way to credits or maybe halfway across. Because by that time, you’d be fed up of it and most probably you’ll switch to “Plants Vs Zombies” on your iPad…

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