“A Nightmare on Elm Street” Another Review of Best Selling Movie

This week’s movie review doesn’t require a lot of introduction; we’re just going to let you in on a 5 liner poem…

One Two – Freddy’s coming for you…
Three Four – Better Lock your door
Five Six – Grab a crucifix
Seven Eight – Better stay up late
Nine Ten – Never sleep again

Although at some point, I am compelled to say “Nine Ten – A big fat hen!”, but oh well, lets leave it for some other time…

Yes folks, it’s time for us to fill in those blank spaces for “Nightmare on Elm Street – 2010”. If you’re a hardcore fan of horror movies, then perhaps this one’s not for you. The movie doesn’t have those back alleys, those damp pavements and a sense of dank macabre, with an eerie background music.

To put it in a nutshell, Nightmare on Elm Street was just an effort to re-incarnate the original series, through an average cast and unlimited buckets of blood. Jackie Earle Haley took the role of Freddy Krueger and you won’t be recognizing Jackie so easily, even though he briefly appeared in “Watchmen”. The reason being, Haley was playing the role of Rorshach which adds up to the fact, why we keep on thinking throughout Nightmare on Elm Street – Hey I’ve seen this guy somewhere before, or maybe I’ve heard him before?

The male lead is played by Kyle Gallner, who occasionally tried to give us that double take – Robert Pattinson face from Twilight series, but the average acting just blew it all up. Apart from the famous one liners; our dear old friend “Freddy Krueger”, looked rustier than before.

So, here’s the million dollars question – Is it a scary flick? Nah, the movie doesn’t even try to build up an atmosphere. Its your typical Nightmare on Elm Street story where the local community got tired of Freddy’s pedophilic actions and one day they all just decided to give this guy a little tough time. Krueger got scared and bolted himself in a warehouse, in a desperate attempt to save himself. But the raging folks emptied a few cans of gas and lit the

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