Killers Review

Ashton Kutcher is playing the role of Spencer, a gorgeous spy in Killers. He has a perfect body and got used to hang out with hot models as well as drive fancy cars. It is considered to be his style of life when he is not killing bad guys. Once he meets Jen (Katherine Heigl). It turns out that she is a freshly dumped as well as neurotic woman who is on vocation with her parents in Nice. All the time Jen’s parents remind her how boring as well as normal she is.

Jen and Spencer fall in lover after a romantic courtship. They start to live together, she does something with software and he starts a business, which means that he retired from his duty. The life goes well until Spencer receives a postcard from his former boss. Since that time everyone is trying to kill him. As Jen did not know anything about the previous job of Spencer, she is angry and frustrated as well as scared of guns. As a result, she has to go back and forth between kicking some butt as well as wielding guns. She is angry at her husband as well as horrified.

In fact, one should admit that there are a lot of action comedies that make use of the same story line. For example, a spy, who has to live a double life or even a couple who are considered to be assassins undercover.

Actually, Kutcher is not always a good actor, but he is able reel off some of the funnier lines without any problems. He is not also an action hero, but still it is not a point. He can be regarded as a dream guy who is earnest, protective as well as impossibly hot. He believes that when the time comes, Jen will be able to grab the gun in order to save him.

I’m not an adherent of the girl-on-girl hate that is heaped on Heigl. But still it seems like Elizabeth Banks would be much better and finnier. Moreover, her neurotic and awkward steak shtick looks more endearing. In fact, Heigl looks better in the action scenes.

Perhaps the most interesting scene of the film is when Jen and Spencer fresh from car chases, different gun battles as well as near-death experiences, stumble across the block party in their suburban neighborhood. It seems that everything is menacing, assassins can be anywhere. They do not know who or where their enemies are.

One should say that Killers is the summer movie that can be equivalent of Cheetos. It would be a pleasure to watch the film along with your friends. The characters of the movies are exaggerated and goofy, the writing is funny on occasion. As for the action scenes, they are ridiculous.

Killers is a romantic comedy as well as action film. But still the film has its own disappointments, i.e. completely convoluted ending. But in case you are enjoying films that are considered to be a fun ride, Killers kills.

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