Repo Men – Futuristic Thriller

Director Miguel Sapochink’s Repo Men is a futuristic thriller based on a novel written by Eric Garcia. The movie is based on the story of two men who are employed in a corporation called The Union, were their task is to repossess the artificial human organs from those recipients who have failed to pay the high interest rates. These two young men do such an inhuman act for their company and don’t even feel the least guilt. This movie might not be acceptable to all audiences as you would not have seen such an inhuman act in any movie during the recent years. Director Miguel would have intended a scientific fiction but no ordinary human being who watch this film can accept the cruel acts that is been shown in the film. Majority reviews says that this movie is one of those most distasteful movies that have been made in the recent times. There are several instances in the movie were rough and crude language is used and there are also scenes of non marital sexual activities between the leading male and female characters. Due to these reasons the movie might not be the best choice for catholic viewers and the parents are expected to give proper guidance to their children before taking them for this movie.

Repo Men (Full Review)

The last time Forest Whitaker made an appearance with an actor from Great Britain, he won an Oscar. The actor portrayed Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in the movie “The Last King of Scotland”. In this film he worked along with James McAvoy, a British actor. In his new film, “Repo Men” he co-stars along with another English actor Jude law. The actor doesn’t claim that he would win an Oscar for this film, but he says that his role in Repo Men was something interesting and new that he has never done before.

The makers of the movie do claim that Repo Men is a futuristic thriller, but you can’t associate such a title to the movie which includes many inhuman scenes not acceptable to majority of the audiences. The movie is based on two friends, Remy and Jake. These two were friends from the early childhood and since then they have never parted and are very close to each other. Whitaker portrays the role of Jake and Law is Remy in the movie. The duo is now working in a corporation called The Union. This is a company which sells artificial organs to the humans. If you think now that the movie is much closer to the human side then you are wrong. Remy and Jake have the task of collecting due amounts from the recipients of the organs. If these recipients fail to pay the money along with high interest rates, then they would stun their victims and without using any painkillers or any other hygienic precautions would slice them open and take away the artificial organs from them.

This movie should be rejected by all audiences and never should such a movie be allowed to made. The participation of an Oscar winning actor has made it crueler and these serious actors should really introspect the role that they take.

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