Horrors of “Splice”

Human cloning has always been a controversial topic. The Catholic Church has taken a strong stand against any attempt to clone humans and they say that man should not “play God” when it comes to cloning. We have seen many films in Hollywood on the subject human cloning. Director Vincenzo Natali’s “Splice” is another movie based on genetic engineering and human cloning. The movie tells the story of two genetic engineers, Clive and Elsa who attempts human cloning and invites trouble for themselves. The producers of the film might claim that it is a horror movie but there is nothing much scary in the film.

The film passes a message to the audience that no human should take the role of God and try to create a life as it would only give them deadly results. The film is considered morally offensive as there are scenes of non marital sexual activity and in many occasions rough language is used by the characters. The parents are advised to give proper guidance to their children before going for this movie.

Splice (Full Review)

Warner Bros market “Splice” as a horror film but when you watch it you would feel that there is nothing much scary in the movie. Human cloning is the subject matter of the film and the script writer tries to convey a message that it is not wise to fool with Mother Nature. Vincenzo Natali directed “Splice” tells the story of two genetic engineers who attempts human cloning and later have to face some deadly results. These two engineers, Clive and Elsa are partners in life and lab. Actor Adrien Brody portrays the role of Clive and Sarah Polley is Elsa in the movie. The couples work for NERD’s and they specialize in taking genes from different animals to create new forms of life. They are able to find many discoveries which are much beneficial to the human race. The couple was able to develop a new protein which they claim to be effective in fighting many diseases from cancer to Parkinson.

The owners of NERD are very much satisfied with the results that these couples achieve and they soon enter into partnership with many wicked pharmaceutical companies. Clive and Elsa are now ready to do human cloning but NERD restricts them saying that it would lead to a moral outrage. The couple initially agreed to the opinion but later changed their minds and creates Dren, a monster with the body of a beautiful woman.

Dren grows up very quickly and soon there develops a relationship between Clive and Dren. Clive’s heart falls for Dren, for whom Elsa used her own gene’s for creation. This is when the story of “Splice” takes a surprise turn and what we see in the later part of the movie is something which may not be acceptable to most viewers.

To some extend we may agree to the progress made by genetic science, but the movie clearly sends out a message that we should not take the role of God as our acts as sure to cause us troubles in the near term.

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