A Nightmare on Elm Street

Director Samuel Bayer’s new attempt would not be pleasing to most audiences. The film gives too much importance for violence and immortality and there are many occasions in the movie where crude and abusive language is used, thus making it unworthy to watch. If you are going to watch the movie with the expectation of something new, then its better that you avoid it as the story is similar to what we have been seeing in many movies for all these years. The movie tells how a group of teens are affected by the activities of a killer, Freddy Krueger. The teens live in a world of fear and the killer continues to haunt them in their dreams as well as in their real life.

Director has given too much importance for violence in the movie and sometimes you may feel that the plot is moving without any reason. The movie is just a repetition of the earlier hits and there is absolutely nothing in the movie which would glue the audience to their seats. There are many situations in the movie were you would think that such a scene could have been avoided.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (Full Review)

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” the title of the movie does not make any sense to the actual plot of the story. The movie is based on the story of a group of teenage children whose lives are haunted by a series killer, Freddy Krueger. Actor Jackie Early Haley plays the role of the crazy killer. He follows these teens and haunts them in their dreams as well as in real life. The teens include an upcoming actress and a diner waitress named Nancy, an ordinary small town boy named Quentin and a cheer leader Kris and her boy friend Dean. Actress Rooney Mara plays the role of artist Nancy and Kyle Gallner is the boy from the small town. Katie Cassidy portrays the role of Kris and Kellan Lutz appears in the movie as her boyfriend.

There is a bed room scene in the movie were Kris asks her boyfriend Dean to spend the night with her as she fears that she would be any time attacked by Freddy. There are several scenes in the film which we wish to avoid watching with our family members. Too much importance has been given for violence which makes it unworthy to watch. Script writers Erick Heissserer and Wesley Strick deals indirectly on child molestation. No moral values are communicated through the movie. In short, so as to sum up the overall effect of the movie I can say that the director gave too much emphasis on violence and there is nothing new in the plot that would create interest in the minds of the viewers. You might feel that it is an adventurous movie when you first see the title, but there is no impact of the title in the movie and the attempt by the director Samuel Bayer can be called as a failure.

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