Tyler Perry’s Why Did I get Married Too?

Writer and director Tyler Perry is back again with the sequel of his 2007 hit “Why did I get married”. Similar to the first version, this movie is also about the different challenges that the couples have to face in their marriage life. The lead characters in the film are four couples. Each of them does have small problems in their marriage life and the director has woven a story out of it mixing drama and comedy. A viewer might feel that the movie is dramatically uneven but when you consider it as a whole package, we should certainly admit that Perry has been able to convey some message through his movie. The script silently speaks about some of the essentials of a good married life like open communication, better understanding and self giving love. There is a nonmarital bedroom scene in the movie and crass language has been used several times so the parents are strongly cautioned. Some contents of the movie may not be suitable for children under the age of 13.

Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married Too? (Full Review)

This is the ninth movie project of director Tyler Perry in the last five years. If you are planning to watch this film on the expectation that the director would give you something new from that of his previous movies, then its better that you avoid the film as it contains all those essentials of a Tyler Perry movie. Like all his previous movies, this film is also predictable. The sequel is dramatically uneven with some scenes perfectly stitching on to the story while there are some scenes which the director could have avoided as well. Through the movie Perry is trying to point out the challenges and rewards that a couple would face during their marriage life with a mix of comedy and drama.

The eight college friends are reuniting in Bahamas for another marriage retreat. Angel who is a salon owner is married to an ex-NFL player Marcus. Tasha smith plays the role of Angel and similar to the pre-sequel she provides most of the comic relief in the film.

Patricia whose role is portrayed by Janet Jackson is a successful self-help author. She is married to Gavin with whom she is not able to share her feelings openly and finally it leads to breakdown of their relationship.

Sheila who is a victim of physical and emotional abuse gets separated from her husband Mike. She is now married to Troy but his commitments to work are creating some problems in their relationship. Mike, make a surprise visit to the retreat place with the intention of getting united with his former Ex.

Terry in the pre-sequel was feeling neglected as his lawyer wife, Dianne is much obsessed with her work. Now, Mike has doubts on Dianne’s fidelity.

The movie highlights the values of self giving love and open communication in a marriage life and gives out a strong message for all those who are getting ready to tie the knots.

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