MacGruber – Action Thriller

Are you looking forward for an action thriller? Then it would be wise to avoid this film as there is nothing much to entertain in the movie. Director Jorma Taccone’s attempt to make an action movie on the skit “Saturday Night Live” does not achieve much success. The whole story is based on the life of a former commander who lives in exile for ten years and then upon the orders of his commander returns to protect his country from the attack of terrorists. The commander along with some of his aides successfully fights the threats of an arm dealer who made a plot to nuke Washington during the State of the Union address. Actor Will Forte plays the role of the commander MacGruber. There is nothing new in the film and the action scenes in the movie do not live up to our expectations. The movie is consistently vulgar and large violence and the frequent use of crude and rough language may make it unacceptable to the catholic viewers. It is advisable that parents prevent their children from watching this film as it contains large violence.

MacGruber (Full Review)

This action thriller is based on a skit “Saturday Night Live” which was penned by the Director Jorma Taccone along with Will Forte and John Solomon. Much like all other action movies this film is also based on the life of an action hero. Here a former commander MacGrubber is the action hero. His role is been portrayed in the film by actor Will Forte.

The opening scenes of the movie show MacGruber living in a South West American Indian village. He spends most of his time in a catholic chapel nearby. The former commander is living here in exile. Ten years before while in service arms dealer Von Cunth kills his wife and this made him to fake his own death and lead a life in exile.

Now MacGruber is requested to take weapons again by his former commander in army, Col. Faith. Von Cunth has somehow got hold of a nuclear missile and he is preparing a plot to attack Washington at the time of the State of the Union address. Col Faith entrusts MacGrubber with the mission to destroy the plot of Von Cunth. The former commander who already has some unforgotten memories in his mind accepts the task given to him and sets off for the mission to defeat the plans of Von Cunth. MacGrubber is assisted in his mission by Lt. Dixon Piper who is the subordinate of Col. Faith and an old friend, Vicki St. Elmo who was once an undercover operative and now a pop singer. The rest of the film is much predictive and the viewers would not find any change in this movie to that of an ordinary action movie.

The movie contains much glorified violence and there are many occasions in the film were rough and abusive language is used. For these reasons the movie would not be an interesting one for the catholic viewers and the parents are also advised to give proper guidance to their children.

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