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Lucy is a 2014 French sci-fi activity film composed and coordinated by Luc Besson. Towards the sticky end of a midyear of movies focused around toys, comic-books and different movies, here, finally, is a film focused around the Kantian model of transcendental optimism.

Lucy, the new film from Luc Besson, is around a young person whose cerebrum gets to be compelling enough to see the world as it truly is – which, it would appear, is precisely like a Luc Besson film. The plot has been propelled by the old myth that individuals utilize just 10 for every penny of their potential mental aptitude – which, in the same way as all myths, addresses deeper fears about the universe and our unnecessary part inside it.

The aggregate bundle feels new. From the moment that Johansson’s title character endures a beating in bondage that cracks the medications in her stomach and discharges them into her circulatory system (a Yankee bad dream), the film enters a domain of nonstop pleasure, however not generally astound.

Lucy is not just a type herself —she is an agent of humanity in its un-changed, non-super state. Johannson’s mid-vocation change from imposing voiced ingenue to seriously physical early showing symbol is one of the even more entrancing curves in American silver screen. Her work keeps us from understanding that Besson’s script has bungled the opportunity to recount a deeper story, one that is energizing and externally astute, as well as quietly deplorable.

It is quick and tight and perky actually when it’s perverted and fierce, which is regularly. It endures around 90 minutes and change yet feels longer in a decent manner, in light of the fact that consistently is stuffed tight. It is brimming with itself, yet regardless it continues winking at you. It needs to be considered important, however not all that genuinely that you don’t chuckle at (and with) the sight of Lucy walking around a gunfight wearing nosebleed heels, or making foes writhe like puppets on imperceptible strings. Movie is worth-watch. It keeps haunting your mind.

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