The Twilight Saga


As you, possibly, have found out, vampires big enough in Hollywood now. The studio basis attack on any original with canines, there is substantially because of it, a phenomenon which is “the Saga of Twilight”.

Both with the first film and with last year’s “the New moon”, appearing resolutely known, we have now a third payment “the Eclipse”, last full book which will be let out, as the final chapter, “Breaking the Dawn”, will be removed in two parts, all a favourite film.

“The Eclipse” (Kristen Stewart) once again in the big danger, and torn between two supernatural thieves of hearts finds Bella. Her relations with her related soul of the Vampire Edward (Robert Pettinson) become ever stronger with its possible “change”, becoming ever there is more probability. Life becomes (even more) difficult, all the same, when the group “newborns” (recently changed vampires) rages and apparently moves to Bella, meaning vampires, and werewolves, and more considerably Edward and Jacob (Taylor Lotner), should try to co-exist to fight with this general opponent.

“The new moon” has failed from slow rate, risky effects and a boredom considerable quantity. To good luck it is reduced practically nothing for “Eclipses” as plot more stimulates plot”Newborns and a less love triangle of the girl-vampire-werewolf. Happily, effects also a little more burning, especially with a wolf, fighting with scenes. It is probable, as the chair of the chief has been transferred David Slejdu which experience directing “30 Days Night” and “of Caramel”, has brought more actual feeling to a film. Really, while the cinema moves in before to more dark and stronger territory, thus, we test a little, it is more under the threat than the basic relations.

What can we tell about a love trio in a leading role? Spectators will know undoubtedly each line and nuance from repeated consideration of first two and while there are no huge distinctions there are sensitive changes in actions. Lautner less contradicts, it is more opened courageous (and still a shirt), – still the maiden Stewart very much tries to find in misfortune, but has more considerably to make thanks to proceeding “situations” Edward/Jacob. That Pettinsona concerns, He a little more serious this time considering smaller quantity of sugary lines and a huge scene by the film end. “Others Cullens” are received more time of the screen, especially by Jackson Retboun, and Bruce Dallas, Howard short, but unforgettable as the altered Victoria.

Naturally, they, poor, the considering studio never in life would be dirty too much with strong intermediaries windows the formula, but it – is enough of her to save number interesting. More dark than previous two, and with hints during even more dark times to arrive, we – three quarters through number, and it yet does not become boring!



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