A Good Day To Die Hard

A Good Day To Die Hard

His estranged son has been arrested because he apparently committed a murder and he is preparing to fly to Moscow for his son. His daughter gives him an Idiot’s Travel Guide to Russia to guide him during his journey.

In my opinion, the director of this movie John Moore deserves an Idiot’s Guide to Die Hard movies!

It was in 1988 that the first movie was released and the reason why it is still loved is because it is completely simple. There is no nonsense at all!

However, with each successor of this movie, the standards fell. Now the fifth edition is simply ridiculous.

The entire action is in one day. Yes, the writer Skip Woods has squeezed all of it into one single day but what good did it do? There is absolutely no logic to the movie whatsoever. Chernobyl is 400 miles away from Moscow. Can you drive that distance in a couple of hours?!

The frantic car pursuit is what you should be looking out for in the movie because that is definitely the highlight. The scene is simply spectacular and you will love it. You will also see a shoot out in the hotel ballroom. In the climax, you will see an exploding chopper fireball too.

However, there is so much in between all these scenes that the story actually drags out. The interplay has no charm at all. You will be disappointed.

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