Iron Man 3


Iron Man 3, as the name suggests is the sequel to the previous two Iron Man movies which won millions of fans around the globe. The third version of the movie is also released with much hype. Let us see if it satisfies the expectations of the fans.

The film is a superhero film with action sequences packed all over the 130 minutes of running time. Directed by Shane Black and produced by Kevin Fiege, the screenplay of the movie is written by Drew Pearce and Shane Black. The music of the movie is scored by Brian Tyler and he has performed a decent job similar to the other two Iron Man movies. The film was distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures and was released earlier this year. With 130 minutes of running time, the film longest running Iron Man film. The film has seen many positive reviews from all around the world and is declared both a commercial and critical success. The film is full of action sequences that are entertaining with very few glitches now and then.

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Nevertheless, the spectacular action keeps the audience thrilled and full credits goes to the Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr who carries the film in his shoulders.  The hero portrays a more challenging role with more brain power as he sees all other people of the universe having real super power. The use of technology in the entire film leaves you by surprise. Many new gadgets have been introduced and appear at unpredictable moments which keep the audience excited. The soundtrack is very good throughout the film and full credits to the music director for adding more depth and feel to the movie through the soundtrack. The few negatives of the film are the plot holes now and then. The director has left many aspects in the middle of nowhere.

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This does not help with the continuity of the film. Even though the story revolves around the main hero, importance should have been given to the opposite force as well. But the villain plays a very subtle role, thereby losing his stance. With surprise elements here and there, the film is enriched with all the factors necessary for making it a blockbuster hit. The action sequences and the performance of the lead role are the other reasons for the success of the movie. All credits to the director for giving out such a fast paced movie that is liked by almost all the people around the world. In addition to all the best action scenes, it is nice to see the hero coming out without iron man suit. Watch the film without expectation and you will be entertained throughout the film.

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